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About InfiNeXt

Since our inception, InfiNeXt has been totally focused on providing professional, quality educational services.

The mission of InfiNeXt Educational Solutions is to provide individual and/or group educational services in the areas of tutoring (reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign language), academic coaching, and professional development, as well as offer preparation workshops and seminars for standardized testing examinations and adult & continuing education. In addition, InfiNeXt Educational Solutions provides multimedia and global access for alternative learners in efforts of bridging the achievement gap.


InfiNeXt Educational Solutions has the distinct honor of having the ONLY tutorial and academic coaching services certified through National Tutoring Association in the state of South Carolina. All of the tutors and academic coaches have membership and an Advanced Tutor Certification. Our academic coaches have experience in writing plans that cater to each individual student in order to establish maximum potential.  Our workshops and seminars are intended to inform and advise our audience of trending educational headlines that affect parents and students alike.

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