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Children learn a lot in school, especially with the help of a teacher, but teachers are often so busy that they have little time for one-on-one teaching with students. Individualized attention from a private tutor can make a huge difference in a child's grades, whether the child is passing one test, a single course, moving from one grade level to the next, or preparing to graduate from high school. InfiNeXt provides this special attention to each child, helping with tricky subjects, test preparation skills, or learning how to better organize your time so that you can be ready for upcoming tests and courses.


We are standing by to help students prepare for tough End-of-Course tests, depending on the state and national requirements. You cannot put a price on your child's readiness for these very important tests, and with personalized home tutoring programs you can send your child for testing with the utmost confidence.  We are now incorporating  Common Core State Standards as part of our tutoring process.  InfiNeXt tutors also make the correlation of Common Core to the Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT, State Tests, etc.).  Tutoring through InfiNeXt are in the following subjects:


- Math (from Elementary to College Calculus)

- Science (Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science) 

- English/Language Arts

- Reading

- Writing

- Social Studies

- Foreign Language (Spanish)

Tutoring Programs

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