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When you come to InfiNeXt Educational Solutions for your academic needs, we want to provide you with individualized attention.  We understand that every need is different and specific, so we do not group our students together in order to save space, time, or money.  


We always begin our process with a formal evaluation (optional).  For tutoring, it includes a pre-test of Common Core State Standards skills for the grade level of your child for English, Mathematics, or both.  Once the pre-test has been graded, an individual lesson plan that consist of ten lessons are created specifically for your child to target areas of weakness or difficulty.  After each session, the parent is notified through email of their child's progress in the session.  


If you are a parent that wants academic coaching for your child, we complete a general formal evaluation of your child's academic talents and skills.  We then cater an academic plan (which consists of four to six sessions) which promotes success and achievement for your child through his/her school years and beyond.  

Let's Determine the Needs of Your Child

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