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What People Are Saying About Us

"My daughter has gone from a 59 this current nine week quarter to an 85, and we still have three more weeks to go before final grades.  She is excited to show him her accomplishments each week we meet.  Without hesitation, I recommend him to anyone with math services." - Demetia C.

"Mr. Brown did an excellent job tutoring our kids.  He was always prepared and kept our children focused.  We would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs tutoring.  Keep up the Great Work." - Kyreem & Briana O.


"The tutoring experience for my daughter was very positive and rewarding.  She was successful that year in math.  Mr. Brown was very warm-hearted, patient, and pleasant to work with.  I felt that Mr. Brown was very accurate and honest with his evaluation of my daughter's math skills- Would I call on him for help again? YES!"

- Margaret M..


"I admire how Mr. Brown remains patient with our child as he works with him.  Also, he seems sincere and genuinely concerned."

- Georgia M. 

"I really wish Win could have worked with you longer...He's still struggling with Math and he's working as hard as he can (most times). Thanks for being the brother that puts his time in with our kids.  The good part is that he's no longer afraid of "male" teachers and knows how to speak up when he's got questions. He says you helped him with that and I really appreciate it!"- Leisa


"Mr. Brown was fantastic.  I noticed the overall performance by my daughter in the class and her confidence going forward.  I was satisfied." - Doug Stewart, 2 Live Stews Sports Talk, Atlanta, GA.


"Mr. Brown is an outstanding tutor and role model. I will recommend him to other friends. The first week Mr. Brown tutored my child, I saw a change in my son's grades, and his confidence in himself has also changed." - Sabrina G.

"Mr. Brown's dedication and commitment encourage my son to finally study and successfully completed Algebra 2. I would highly recommend him on both levels, personal and professional." - Scott & Eva O.  


"He has tutored two of my children in the areas of Geometry and Algebra 1 Honors with pleasing results.  He has a zeal for math, variable methods and techniques to suit the individual learner."

- Demetria C.


"Mr. Brown's approach to teaching new concepts was not intimidating and make learning for my grandson easy.  We say an immediate improvement in his homework and test scores which (of course) improved his overall grade in math."- Patricia J.

"I strongly encourage anyone with a student struggling in math to use InfiNeXt.  My daughter spent almost a complete year in Algebra 2 not understanding the class and Mr. Brown came in and spent a few weeks with her to help her with the class.  Her grade improved.  I'm happy and she is happy." - Gena W.

"Ishmael has been heaven sent. He has been very patient when working with my son. Ishmael's communication has been clear where he is able to better understand the concepts covered. Ishmael has done a great job and I look forward to our continued work together."  - Amy C.



"Excellent teaching skills.  Very friendly and professional communication.  Always punctional and ready to teach.  Highly recommended." - Robert & Chris  H.

"Since Mr. Brown started tutoring my daughter, her grade and understanding of math has improved drastically.  I would recommend this company to anyone saying or asking for a good and reliable tutoring service." - Larry and Marla N. 

"Mr. Brown is an experienced and extremely knowledgeable tutor. He has helped my son tremendously in Math." - Von D.

"Fundamentally shared information on a practical basis.  Made the experience relate to daily events.  A great experience for my child and an extraordinary difference in her options academically" - Woody J.

After only 5 weeks of tutoring, our daughter's math increased by 6 points, which earned her a spot on the 7th grade honor roll.  We've noticed an increase in her confidence when preparing for quizzes and tests, which is reflected in her scores.  Thank you Mr. Brown!  Your services are exactly what we needed" - The Taylors

"Using Mr. Ishmael Brown as a tutor for my son was a great decision.  Within a few weeks, his grade had increased significantly.  He is also very good & flexible when it comes to working with student atheletes.  I highly recommend him." - Brian & Jacquetta C.

"InfiNeXt services were exactly what my girls needed.  Always prompt, always professional... Mr. Brown was worth the investment.  My girls' confidence in math has grown 100%. " - Tonya J

"Mr. Ishmael Brown did a wonderful job with my granddaughter.  She feels good about herself now.  Doesn't mind talking about how the session has help her in her math class in school.  Thank you Mr. Brown, job well done." - Mark G.  

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